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Hand Peeling Linden 250 ml

Hand Peeling Linden 250 ml

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Active ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Linden Extract, Rosemary Extract, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Bisabolol

Effect: Peeling created for extensive care and a gentle exfoliation of the hands and body. The added fine abrasive cleans the surface layer of dead cells, without irritating and drying out the skin. The peeling has a balanced water-oil composition which includes glycerin, jojoba oil, linden extract, almond oil, rosemary extract, vitamin E and bisabolol. The precise combination of ingredients moisturizes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration processes and enhances skin elasticity.

Application: Apply the peeling on pre-cleaned and dry skin. Exfoliate with a gentle massage for a few minutes. If necessary, wipe away the excess peeling with a wet towel or rinse with water. Apply a cream or a lotion from the SNB Linden series.

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