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Rosa Damascena Hands and Body Massage Gel - 100 ml

Rosa Damascena Hands and Body Massage Gel - 100 ml

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Active ingredients: Rosa Damascena flower extract, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamins A and E, Rosemary extract

Effect: The massage gel nourishes the skin in-depth with precisely selected active ingredients. Rose concrete in combination with Almond and jojoba oils, rosemary
extract, and vitamins A and E are unique therapeutic agents to nourish the skin. The massage creates an additional aromatherapeutic effect and a pleasant feeling of warmth. Suitable for people with sensitive skin disposed to allergies.

Application: Apply Massage gel Rosa Damascena to either hand (or feet) and perform a continuous massage. Wipe off the remains of the gel with a towel soaked with Cleansing
lotion Rosa Damascena.
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