Collection: Collection GELacquer SNB COTTON – SPRING 2022

The days go by like a fine string of cotton and it is time for an
awakening. It is time for desire, dates and falling in love. It is
time for Spring! It is time for being spontaneous. Trends

draw new, calm, soft and gentle

forms. Urban style is becoming more comfortable and
convenient. It allows for a quick escape in nature. Just for a

while. For a few sips of peace and quiet.

Dress your manicure in soft, cotton colors through the new
season. We present you six NEW! elegant pastel GELacquer
colors SNB Professional, collected in collection COTTON for
Spring 2022. They will captivate you with their shades of
youth, sweetness, beauty, love and softness. They combine
perfectly with SNB GELacquer velvet top without tacky layer.