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Dead Skin Remover Gel 1 L.

Dead Skin Remover Gel 1 L.

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PSP112 – 1 L plastic tube

Pedicure product intended only for the professionals in the beauty salons. Not recommended for home usage. Suitable for clients with significant hardened skin areas on foot.

Product concept:
SNB The Dead Skin Remover Gel is developed to soften well all hard skin areas on foot thanks to special alkaline components in its content. It facilitates the work of the chiropodists, allowing him/her to remove the dead skin easily with less mechanical force.

Main advantages:
- softens greatly and degrades the dead skin cells on foot;
- facilitates the removal of the tissue.

SNB The Dead Skin Remover Gel is a professional pedicure product designed to facilitate the removal of horned tissue on the feet.

The Dead Skin Remover Gel contains alkaline components which soften quickly hard skin areas on foot. Dead Skin Remover significantly facilitates the work of the pedicurist as it ensures easy removal of horned skin without using mechanical force. The high density of the product makes it easier for use and rather safe than other
similar liquid products.

Apply enough quantity to a cotton pad or lint and then apply it to hard areas on foot. Put on gloves and glasses, keep your eyes protected and avoid contact with the mucosa. Put your client’s foot into a polyethylene bag or foil, then in Pedicure Terry Socks SNB and leave the Dead Skin Remover to work for 10-15 minutes. Uncover the whole foot and start removing the soft tissue with a spatula. Clean the excess product with a wet towel or rinse with water.

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