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SNB GELacquer Nude Base 15ml

SNB GELacquer Nude Base 15ml

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Nude Base GELacquer SNB

Nude Base GELacquer SNB is a new generation product with a revolutionary formula that ensures extreme adherence to natural nails, durability of the coating and easy removal. It is developed to be used as a first step in manicure with GELacquer and is extremely suitable for French manicure. Thanks to its thicker texture, it perfectly fills unevenness on the nail plate without flowing, adheres perfectly and strengthens soft and thin nails. It protects and prevents breakage.
Nude Base GELacquer SNB adheres well without applying Ultrabond as a first step. It creates a flawless smooth coverage in a gentle nude color. It can be used to add extra volume to the nails. It lasts more than 14 days!

Main advantages of the product:
- a revolutionary formula with a thicker texture that adheres extremely firmly to the nail surface,extends the durability of the coverage and is easily removed;
- adheres well without applying Ultrabond as a first step;
- fills all unevenness on the nails and creates a long-lasting and flawless smooth coverage;
- it is gentle - it is removed without any problem from the natural nails with GELacquer Remover;
- the nude color and good coverage make it very suitable for a foundation for French manicure with GELacquer SNB Professional;
- can be used to create extra volume.

Usage: For professional use. It is used as a first step in the GELacquer SNB Professional system.

Application: The nail plate is matted with a block and then cleaned with Active Nail Solution SNB. With rubbing, a first thin layer of the base is applied directly onto the natural nails. Because the base is thicker, larger bumps can be filled with it, and a slight volume can be created in the stress area of the nail plate. For this purpose, a small drop of the base is applied to the already applied first layer. The hand is turned down to the ground. Thanks to gravity, the desired volume is easily formed. The hand is then quickly turned and placed under standard UV light for 2 minutes or under UV LED light for 60 seconds.
Important! When creating a volume, the coating should be not too thick because the base is thicker and there is a risk that it can not be polymerized.

For French manicure
After the polymerization of the first layer of the base, a second layer is applied which is also polymerized. Then the white arc for the French manicure is formed. It is polymerized and a thin layer of the selected Top GELacquer SNB Professional is applied.

For classic manicure
After polymerizing the first layer of the base, a sticky layer is formed which does not need to be cleaned. Directly onto it the selected color GELacquer SNB Professional is applied in two layers, which are polymerized and then the preferred by the professional Top GELacquer SNB Professional is applied.

Important! When applying lighter colors, it is possible to get a slight change in the base tone due to the nude coloration of the base.

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