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Pedicure set SNB

Pedicure set SNB

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Professional Pedicure set by SNB


PSK010- SNB Pedicure Set includes:

• Foot Scrub with Sea Salts 300ml
• pH Balance Pedicure Cream 250 ml
• Pink Wooden File 180/220
• Scraper for pedicure 16.3 cm
• Birchwood stick 17.8 cm
• Active Herbal Foot Bath 365 g
• Dead Skin Remover 250 ml
• Pedicure Blue File SNB 60/80
• Cuticle Remover Gel 100 ml
• Latex Gloves Size M
• SNB Pedicure terry socks – pair

Pedicure set products description:

SNB Foot Scrub with Sea Salt
PSN110 - 300 ml plastic container with screw cap

SNB Foot Scrub with Sea Salt is designed to provide a high degree of exfoliation of the skin of the legs and feet, thanks to the abrasive combination of sea salt and sugar. A balanced oil-base allows continuous massage with a small amount of scrub. Fast penetrating emollients and softening ingredients nourish the surface skin layer and restore its elasticity.

SNB Cuticle remover gel
MPS052 – 100 ml plastic filler 

SNB Cuticle remover gel  is a manicure product that helps removing the cuticles. Gently and effortlessly cleans cuticles. For professional use only. Apply Cuticle Remover Gel in the area of nail fold to loosen tight cuticles. Then gently push the cuticles back with a pusher using a circular motion. Remove any dead tissue from the nail plate and lateral nail folds and clean with a cotton pad.

Dead Skin Remover Gel
PSP111 - 250 ml plastic bottle with a nozzle

SNB The Dead Skin Remover Gel is developed to soften well all hard skin areas on foot thanks to special alkaline components in its content. It facilitates the work of the chiropodists, allowing him/her to remove the dead skin easily with less mechanical force.

pH Balance - Pedicure Cream
PSP121 - 250 ml plastic bottle with pump

SNB pH Balance Pedicure Cream is designed as a final step in a professional pedicure treatment using alkaline products. Due to the low level of pH (~5,5) it restores skin’s natural humidity. Recommended for use after application of Dead Skin Remover Gel.

Active Herbal Foot Bath:
PSP090 – 200 g bag
PSP091 – 365 g container
PSP092 – 900 g container
PSP093 – 2 kg bucket
PSP095 – 4 kg bucket

Specially developed to sanitize and deodorize foot skin. Active Herbal Foot Bath accelerates the process of softening the calluses on foot due to the complex of biologically active salts and Urea. Eucalyptus Oil adds an extra freshness and relief. Natural essential oils ensure a unique relaxing sensation.

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