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Protective Hands and Body Cream Winter Care - Orange Blossom

Protective Hands and Body Cream Winter Care - Orange Blossom

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Protective cream orange blossom - winter care 100 ml

NEW! Protective Cream ORANGE BLOSSOM with an irresistible new fragrance will surprise you with a new active ingredient - EXTRACT FROM RUCOLA. It is produced under a patented technology that allows the valuable phyto-complex of the plant to be extracted, preserving all its qualities. The main part of this phyto-complex is an important natural antioxidant that protects against the harmful effects of free radicals from the environment.

As part of a formula of Protective Cream PORTOKAVOL COLOR, the rucola extract:
- Strengthens natural skin barrier protection barriers;
- increases the antioxidant potential of cells;
- detox, protects and restores;
- stimulates the synthesis of the most important natural tripeptides in the skin, which are the basis for its smooth and luminous appearance;
- greatly reduces skin irritation and soothes.

The entire complex of ingredients of creams Winter care of SNB Professional nourishes and renews the skin of the hands in the harshest months of the year, keeps it soft, smooth and supple and protects like an invisible glove.

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