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Protective Lotion With Clotrimazole 15 ml

Protective Lotion With Clotrimazole 15 ml

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Protective Lotion With Clotrimazole 15 ml

Antifungal Lotion with Clotrimazole - SNB Professional PSA070

Active ingredients: 
Clotrimazole, Citrus Bergamia Oil, Glycerin, Methyl Salicylate

The protective lotion ensures reliable antifungal toenail protection. Biologically active components - Citrus bergamia and Clotrimazole prevent fungal formations on nails, revive and improve the overall condition of toenails and the elasticity of nail fold.

Drip out a few drops of the lotion on the nail and in the area of nail fold. Repeat the application twice a day for at least a month or two.

This Protective Lotion is developed for clients with minor problems on toenails (fungal infections at an early stage). Suitable for everyday maintenance care. The Protective lotion is highly recommended for athletes and people engaged with sports for daily application on foot and over the toes.

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