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SNB GELacquer Fiberglass 15 ml

SNB GELacquer Fiberglass 15 ml

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SNB Fiberglass base - 15 ml

Effect: Easy to apply and sculpting flexi ble soak-off gel, suitable for strengthening weak and thin nails or covering the uneven surfaces on the nail plate. It can be used to build lengths, smoothing irregularities and correcting nails, and to achieve natural appearance of the nail plate. Does not contain acids and does not become yellow.

Application: Apply after the natural fingernail gloss has been removed and the nail plate is cleaned with Active Nail Solution. Apply Ultrabond, then apply a very thin first layer Fiberglass GELACUQER SNB, rubbing well in the nail. When applying a second layer, add as much gel as you need to form the desired look. If necessary, nail forms may be used. The coating is cured under UV light for 2 minutes or under UV LED light for 60 seconds. After curing, the sticky layer is cleaned. The nail should be formed with file to achieve the desired shape, length and volume.

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